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Driveway Paving Port St Lucie - St Lucie Asphalt Driveway Paving Pros

Jan 29

Driveway Paving Port St Lucie - St Lucie Asphalt Driveway Paving Pros


Driveways are a necessary component of every house but they can also be expensive to maintain. Uneven or cracked driveways, potholes or cracks and holes in asphalt, or weeds that grow between the pavement slabs could all indicate that your driveway is aging. Our professional driveway paving service can help you if your driveway exhibits any of these signs.


The signs that your driveway needs repairs

  1. Cracked Driveway
  2. Uneven Driveway: A driveway that is uneven can make it difficult for your car or truck to enjoy a smooth ride. To remedy this issue it is necessary to do some leveling. This will permit you to smooth your driveway.
  3. Potholes on Driveways: Potholes at top of drives should be addressed immediately because they can pose a danger to cars. They can also result in damage to tires, or even axle cracking.

We offer a range of services, including repair and maintenance. Driveway sealant is the most frequently requested service for many homeowners.

Driveway sealant is described as a liquid that dries and then hardens to form an invisible layer of protection from snowmelt, rain, or other substances.

This kind of driveway repair is attainable by two methods. Spray sealing is one choice and applying sealant by hand is another.

Spray sealing is where sealant is applied to driveway surface. Spray sealing can be done by using an airless sprayer, or a pump up garden hose andnozzle. Whatever method you decide to use is the best choice for your particular project.


What's the difference between spray and hand-applied sealing?

With spray sealing, we can modify the sealer's additives to meet the requirements of the surface that is to be sealed, depending on the location of the driveway, whether it is exposed to full sunlight or in shade on a steep hill or a steep slope, etc.

If the sealant has to be directly applied on your driveway, it's known as hand-applied sealing. You could use a brush and roll or a squeegee for sealing your driveway.

The application of sealants by hand is cheaper and requires less equipment.


How often should I seal my driveway?

Spray sealing is recommended every 2 to 3 years, while hand-applied coating is required annually for porous surfaces. Based on the method by which the sealant was applied, driveway repairs might be needed with the addition of sealant after a period of one year.


What are the advantages of spray sealing?

Spray spraying is a fantastic method to seal concrete. It doesn't require you to do any manual labor, so you won't be wasting time manually applying the sealant. Spray spraying can quickly cover large areas which makes it a faster process than applying manually.

Both hand and spray application offer long-lasting protection against damage to your driveway. Both can be done, and can also be done by our staff.


What exactly is asphalt pavement resurfacing? And when is it appropriate?

The term "asphalt resurfacing" refers to the process in the asphalt is ground and spread over so it can be flattened. This is when other methods like sealant application or repairs aren't enough to repair the damage.


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