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Why are old houses so dusty?

Jul 23

This title is one of my most frequently asked questions. I thought it would be a good idea to dive into the causes of dust and the solutions. Dusty homes can be caused by many things.

The first question to ask is how old are the windows and home. Older homes are more susceptible to dust than those of newer construction. Older homes are more likely to leak and allow in more outside air. Older homes also have more dust because the seals around the windows are worn out.

Next is the duct system. It is important to look at how the air moves through the ductwork. The average split air conditioning system's air speed is 350-400 feet per hour, which is approximately ten miles per hour. Vacuum effects are caused by duct connections that have been damaged over time. The Venturi Effect is a fancy name. Remember that the attic is accessible to the outside via the roof vents. With leaking duct systems, air from outside is being drawn into the home. This creates more dust.

The next step in our learning journey is to discover that all homes have a little bit of negative air pressure. The air pressure is measured using a scale called Pascal. A very sensitive instrument called the monometer is used for measuring it. Your house has the ability to sense slight variations in air pressure, but humans are not equipped with the necessary sensory abilities. For a moment, let's return to the attic. The walls of a typical house are hollow and connected with the attic. Negative air pressure causes the air to pull the walls down from the attic. It then escapes where it can. These escape points include outlets, ceiling fans, and smoke detectors.

These are just a few of the reasons dust can build up. Now, it's time to ask the question: What are the solutions? You can replace your windows, which will reduce dust and likely save you a lot on your electricity bill. You can reseal the ducts or have them replaced in some cases. You can seal off the attic from your living space if you want to keep it dust-free.

We can also look at different air filtration options. The average air conditioner filter does not clean the air. Its job is to keep the conditioner clean. You can install a variety of air filtration options to clean the air. There are many options available, including electronic air cleaners and different HEPA (high-efficiency particle absorbers) filters.

We can help you if your home is dirty, if allergies are present or if you just need a cleaner environment. A Comfort Consultant will visit your home to determine the cause and give you the right prescription.

My friends, I hope you have a great weekend. Have you ever wondered if dust bunnies plot against the cleaning fairies?

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