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The Easiest Way To Change My Cabinet Colour

Jun 25

The Easiest Way To Change My Cabinet Colour

You can change your cabinet's color by following a simple 104-step process. Oh! Gosh. Sorry. I was looking at one of our DIY guides from the 70s. Let me go again. Ahem.

Cabinet Refacing is the simplest way to modify your cabinet's color in the new era.

If you decide to replace your kitchen cabinets, your current kitchen layout can be kept and you can pick the color/look that you prefer. You can choose from either our exclusive selections of heat, scratch, and warp-resistant resin-core laminate or traditional solid-wood raised panel doors. We can get the color or finish you need in as little as a few days.

We leave the cabinet box as-is when cabinets are being refaced. This allows us to make small repairs as needed. One of the best things about refacing cabinets in Richmond is the fact that it involves strengthening your existing cabinets. They will be better than the new ones after we leave.

What if my cabinets have been refaced?

Yes! Yes! During a complimentary consultation, we can look at your current space, listen and offer some ideas. We are also able to show you hundreds upon hundreds of Before and After photographs, so you can see the different ways that our clients have used cabinet-refacing to enhance, add, or subtract from their kitchen cabinets.

These are some of the most well-known ideas:

  • Upgrading their countertops. Many of our customers find that their chipped and cracked tile countertops look better when the cabinets have been refaced. We can offer a free quote while we work on your kitchen countertops so you can complete them quickly.
  • Adding and Island. This is a popular choice. Food Network's new series has inspired a new generation to be gourmet chefs. These chefs require more space and better kitchen equipment.
  • Transforming a room. We can turn cabinets and drawers into slides-out trashcan shelves, bookshelves, or other organized shelf space to meet your needs.

You might be able to create a stunning kitchen by simply changing your cabinet colors.


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