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Tips to identify and fix common roofing issues

May 20



Winter can bring about extreme weather conditions, such as severe snowfalls and frigid temperatures and even the possibility of blizzards. It is important to prepare your home, including your roof, for the extreme winter climate. To help you be better prepared to deal with the potential damage that can happen to your roof, it is helpful to know the issues could arise.

Knowing if Your Roof is Having issues

Steadfast Roofing experts say there are several indicators that your roof is affected by the winter cold.


  • It is recommended that you contact a roofing professional in Pennsylvania, such as Treesdale, to examine your attic and roof for any leaks.

  • If your doors are proving difficult to open, been difficult to open, this may be due to the forming of ice and the extra weight of snow on your roof. You should call professionals for snow removal services.

  • The weight of ice and snow on the roof could result in cracks in plaster or drywall.

  • A professional roofing contractor in Treesdale pa if you are noticing sagging on the ridgeline.

  • It is important to spot the roof problems as soon as you can in order to figure out the best way to fix the issue and make sure your roof is winter-ready.


8 Common Roof Issues that Homeowners Face During Winter


Condensation happens when warm air from your home comes placed in contact with cold surfaces. This problem is often caused by inadequate ventilation and insufficient insulation. If the issue isn't treated, it could lead to mildew or mould growth which can compromise the structural integrity and security of your house.

Ice Damming

It is one of the most frequently occurring reasons for roof damage. Ice dams form when the snow accumulates on the roof, and then becomes stuck to warm surfaces when it starts melting. Further problems can be caused by:

  • If icicles are formed, take the eavestroughs off the ground.

  • Affecting the roof and attic venting.

  • The efficient draining of water should be made to stop


Leaky Flashings

Flashings are tiny metal pieces that can be found around chimneys, vents and joints. Flashings are a way to prevent water damage. When snow and ice build up, moisture can leak into the flashings, which makes them susceptible to being damaged. Take note of these when inspecting them

Damage to chimneys and vents can be caused by improper flashing.

If it's safe out you can use a ladder and make sure that the flashings have been properly connected to your roof. We, local roofing company in my region, should be aware of the causes of these issues and solutions.


Limbs of the Tree Limbs

Ice storms often cause the branches to split and fall over the roof or cut off the power lines. To avoid this and ensure your home is safe make sure to trim the trees well before the onset of winter.



The odds of seeing animals such as squirrels rodents and rats in your home are more likely during winter. Be sure to check your home for signs of pest infestation.

  • Burrows and animal homes In particular, in the attic.

  • Pieces of wood ripped off.

  • Holes in ceilings or walls.

  • Beware of Wintertime Roof Problems



Roof ventilation regulates the airflow within your home to ensure that there isn't warm air getting into contact with a cool roof in winter.



Also, you should conduct an extensive inspection of your roof to make sure it isn't having any issues in the winter.



It is vital to employ high-quality products and superior craftsmanship throughout your building to avoid any mishaps. Your roof will last for a longer time.

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