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The Main Causes of Leakage in Commercial Flat Roofs

Apr 26

The Main Causes of Leakage in Commercial Flat Roofs

Roof leaks are something that every commercial structure owner and operator with a flat roof has experienced. A flat commercial roof replacement is possible if the leaks aren’t fixed. You may have avoided the problem if your roof is newer. If your roof is not very old, you can call a commercial flat roofing contractor to fix the problem. The contractor will assess the problem and devise a plan to fix it.

Although a leak can appear invisible initially, it will become a problem if the leak is not fixed. There are many reasons you might need Katy roofing replacement services. However, there are ways to stop it from getting worse.

Flat roof leaks: Causes

  • The US has four seasons. We have the colors of fall and summer. Commercial flat roofing systems can face extreme weather conditions. The roof will be heated or contracted depending on the temperature or climate. Commercial flat roof repair services are available to help relieve the stress your roof is experiencing. A reflective coating is the best way to solve temperature variance. A reflective coating will help maintain a constant temperature and reduce roof wear. There are many roofing coatings available. The most important thing is to prevent your roof from heating up to 200 degrees in less than 24 hours. Your roof will need to be protected by the coating.
  • A roofing system is also at risk from standing water and ponding. If you don't manage to remove water from your roof, roofing replacement Katy services will be required. Standing water on the roof that remains after a rainstorm is not drained is considered standing water. Your flat roof's slope is what causes the problem. Flat roofs are not flat. They need a slope of.25 inches per foot to allow for drainage and outlets at key points. This is not an easy problem. Once the water begins to pond, it can cause damage. Call a contractor immediately if you notice water on your roof. You can temporarily fix the problem by using pumps or adding more drains. Do not attempt to repair the problem on your own.
  • Technology will become obsolete as technology advances. This happens all the time in the roofing industry. Based on their age and usage, older roofing systems are more susceptible to leaks. Over the past two decades, roofing technology has advanced greatly and roofs have a longer life expectancy. Start planning to replace your roof if it is more than 15 years old. A roof that isn't in good condition can pose a danger to the structure and its occupants. You can apply a coating to the roof to prolong its life and prevent leaks if it has some remaining life. Do your research if the roof cannot be saved and you need to have it completely removed. There are many different flat roofing options that you can choose from, so it is easy to find the right one for your building.

Choose a flat roofing system for your commercial building

There are many options for flat roof replacement. A membrane system such as the EPDM and TPO can be used. While they have subtle differences, both membrane systems will protect your building. A built-up roofing system will be more suitable for you than a hot tar and gravel roof. It's economical and can be used over your existing roof.

You will find flaws and problems in your roof during your annual inspections. Spend the money if they are serious problems. The cost of a roof is not the only thing that matters. It's about what long-term benefits your building will get. Do your research before making any decisions if you've identified any of these problems. This is not the only way to identify roofing problems. This is a good place to begin if you recognize that a problem is already beginning. After you've identified the problem areas that require professional solutions, consult a professional roofing contractor.


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