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Concrete Stairs Vs Steel Stairs. Which is the Best? & Their Differences

Apr 7

Concrete Stairs Vs Steel Stairs. Which is the Best? & Their Differences

Stairways are an essential feature of multi-level structures, such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It is not only important to design the staircase, but also to choose the right materials.

Although stairs can be made out of different materials such as wood and stone or concrete, most stairs are made of steel and concrete. This article will examine the similarities and differences between concrete stairs vs. steel stairs.

What are the differences between concrete stairs, steel stairs, and

The base materials used to construct steel and concrete stairs make a difference. Concrete stairs are made of concrete while steel stairs are made from primary steel. Different materials have different advantages and costs depending on their use. Concrete stairs tend to be heavier, more durable, and less flexible in design than steel stairs.

  • Steel is a steel alloy that is made up of iron and carbon. Staircases are often made of steel that has been galvanized with zinc coating. This prevents corrosive substances from reaching the steel below. In some cases, stainless steel, which has naturally resistive to corrosion, can be used in construction.
  • Concrete has three components: water (rock, sand, or gravel), aggregate (rock or sand), and powdered concrete. Mixing cement with water and the aggregate creates a binding agent that will make concrete harden.


The location of the stairs and the type of stairs that are used are two other important differences between steel and concrete stairs.

  • Steel staircases have become very popular in indoor environments, including homes, businesses, as well as industrial areas. Outdoor stairs can be made from steel, especially if they are galvanized and stainless steel. Steel is used in a variety of industrial applications, including mezzanine and crossover stairs.
  • Concrete staircases In Phoenix AZ can be used for outdoor purposes but also serve as the base for stairs in residential and commercial buildings. Concrete is often used for simpler types of stairs like straight stairs and L-shaped staircases.

Concrete stairs vs steel stairs comparison

1. Concrete stairs vs. Steel stairs Strength & Durability


Stairs made of steel or concrete are both strong and durable. Depending on the environment they are used, each type of stair will have its advantages and drawbacks.

Steel is the most durable material for staircase construction. Steel stairs are extremely strong in tensile strength and resist breaking under tension. Galvanizing steel to resist rust increases its durability, especially when it is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Steel is five times stronger than concrete and can bear excess weight. A steel staircase is much stronger than a concrete one and can be made with far less material than concrete.

Concrete has high compressibility, which means it resists being pushed together. It does not have the strength of steel, however. Concrete staircases can sometimes be built with hidden metal reinforcing bars or rebar. Concrete stairs can withstand high loads and impact, and they don't rust in damp conditions.

2. Steel stairs vs. concrete stairs: Which one is easier to maintain

Both concrete and steel stairs are very easy to maintain. Steel stairs need very little maintenance. Galvanizing steel stairs outdoors can prevent rusting and corrosion. The steel can then be washed with a pressure washer. It is best to use a sponge or mop if the steel has a powder coating to protect the finish. You can clean steel stairs indoors, such as mezzanine steps, by wiping them with mild detergent.


Concrete stairs are similar to metal stairs in that they require little maintenance. Concrete stairs indoors can be easily cleaned by simply sweeping the floor. Pressure washing outdoor concrete stairs is a safe and effective way to clean up dirt and other buildups without risk to concrete.


There are situations where concrete stairs or steel stairways with concrete treads can provide an advantage. Concrete is fire resistant and may be an excellent choice for fire exit stairs. Concrete is noise- and heat-absorbent so concrete stairs could be used to soundproof or reduce heating costs.


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