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How to fix it and Why your AC will fail this summer

Mar 21

How to fix it and Why your AC will fail this summer

Georgia's summer is right around the corner. Are you ready for hot and humid days? Are you ready for the hot, humid days? Are you in dire need of  Air Conditioning Repair in Marietta? Don't wait to feel hot on your couch. To prevent a summer break, take care of your air conditioner now.

Do Your Maintain


Your home is your most important asset. When was the most recent time your air conditioner was inspected? They should be changed or cleaned every couple of months. It helps to keep your home's indoor air clean. When replacing an air filter, ensure you get it the correct size.


You can also spot clean your AC unit to make sure it is ready for the heat. You can build up dirt, grass, leaves, and dust on your AC unit's exterior. Before you start cleaning it, switch off the power. Use a spray hose to clean the outside of your unit. Take out the fan cage to remove any debris.


Verify that there is no vegetation growing on the unit. This can disrupt airflow and trap air within the unit. Remove all leaves and other debris. Reduce any branches and vegetation closer to two feet.


Check for AC Unit Issues


Pay attention to signs that your AC unit might be having trouble cooling your home. These are signs to watch out for:

  • Bad air flow - A component that is causing a room to feel hotter or colder than others might have a problem. Do not ignore it, or you could be facing a hot night in the house. Contact us to have it checked
  • Strange sounds - It could be that a component is damaged or loose. It is possible to cause more damage if you ignore the problem.
  • Inefficient cooling: Does your house feel too cool, even though it is being cooled? Perhaps it is time to have your system replaced or repaired.
  • Leakage and excessive moisture - You will see moisture around your unit. You might have a leak if water is pooling on your floor.
  • Unusual smells - A strange odor could indicate that your filter needs to be changed or cleaned. You could also have a wiring problem or a clogged piece.
  • Inaccurate thermostat readings. If your thermostat reads 70 and your house feels like it's 85, you should call a professional.


Professional Maintenance

Schedule regular maintenance to keep your air conditioner in good condition. It is the best way for your system to be efficient and increase efficiency. It will decrease cooling and repair expenses, as well as improve the quality of your home's air. HVAC Service Marietta HVAC technicians are certified to ensure that your AC works through the summer.

HVAC Service Marietta will be there for you, no matter what. HVAC Service Marietta has air conditioner technicians available 24 hours a day, even on holidays. Don't worry, we will get your home back on track.

You can ensure your home is efficient and comfortable all year. HVAC Service Marietta offers comprehensive air conditioning repairs to restore your comfort.


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