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8 Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Larger

Mar 21

8 Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Larger

Are you frustrated by your small kitchen and considering demolishing it to begin your remodel?

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the space or the budget to build the kitchen of their dreams. Do not despair if this is your reality. With a small kitchen footprint, there are so many things you can do.

These small kitchen renovation ideas will inspire you.

8 Tips for Small Kitchen Remodeling

Optical illusions can make small kitchens seem larger. These are ideas that will fit any budget and work in any kitchen space.

1. You can incorporate creative painting strategies

Paint is an easy and inexpensive solution for small kitchen remodeling Austin Texas projects. Paint can add drama, coziness, or illusions of more space to a space.

Paint can be used to make a small kitchen appear larger.

  • Stay with neutral and light colors
  • Paint dark cabinets with a lighter color or paint top cabinets in a lighter tone to create the illusion of height.
  • You can add pops to open shelving and an accent wall with bold colors
  • Keep your ceiling white
  • Avoid matte paint. Instead, use a satin or eggshell paint. This allows light to bounce off surfaces and creates a feeling of greater space.

2. Install glass cabinets and/or open shelving.

You can create the illusion of more space by adding glass doors to your cabinets and/or replacing them with open shelves. You must ensure that your shelves do not collect clutter, as this can make your space appear smaller.

These are some of the ways that glass cabinet doors and open shelving can work in your space.

  • Use a consistent color palette. Display only white dishes or all red dishes. Keep mismatched dishes in another place.
  • Balance smaller and more substantial items
  • You can keep your items functional by keeping those you use most often close at hand.

3. Try geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have become a big trend for small kitchens. It is a fun way to make your small kitchen seem larger.

You can create geometric shapes with wallpaper, tile, or kitchen accessories like a floor rug.

However, avoid adding too many geometric patterns. The more geometric patterns you add, the more chaotic and chaotic your kitchen will look.

4. Add Mirrors and Mirrored Surfaces

Mirrors are able to reflect light into a space, making it appear larger. A mirror can be installed in a small kitchen, or you could add a mirrored backsplash.

A mirror in your kitchen will make it appear larger. It's also good feng-shui. A mirror in your dining room can increase your wealth retention capacity.

5. Connect your Kitchen to the Great Outdoors

Have you got a great outdoor space that isn't enclosed by your kitchen walls yet? French doors are worth the money. These doors will allow for more light to enter your kitchen and increase the view from outside of the doors. This will make your space appear larger.

6. Get some accent lights

Our eyes are drawn towards shadows and can make small spaces feel cramped. Accent lighting, such as under- or shelving lights, helps to remove shadows. It also makes the space look larger and more functional.

7. Streamline Your Storage Space

Small kitchens can look and feel cramped.

It is a good idea to take inventory of your belongings and spend some time clearing them out.

You can organize your space once you have cleared the clutter. Your coffee pot and toaster can be hidden while they are easily accessible.

8. With Horizontal Stripes, you can expand the space

We all know how wearing horizontal stripes that are wide can make us appear bigger than we want. The same applies to kitchens. Horizontal stripes can make them appear larger. These stripes can be applied with wallpaper, tile flooring, or rugs.

Hire a Contractor

You may think that you can save money by doing small kitchen renovations yourself. Sometimes this is true. But it could end up costing more in the end.

A contractor can save the day when you have problems, particularly with electrical, plumbing, and structural issues. A remodel is rarely as simple and straightforward as painting and tiling, especially for older homes.


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