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Philadelphia Tips: How to Cut Your Electricity Monthly Bill

Mar 19

Philadelphia Tips: How to Cut Your Electricity Monthly Bill

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - March 16, 2022 - PA Energy Ratings

Tips for Saving Money on Philadelphia Electricity

It is possible for your monthly electric bill to fluctuate between months due to many factors. This article will discuss the main causes of fluctuations and ways you can save energy, so that your monthly bills are more predictable.

Be aware that even though we have broken down the energy-savings strategies by living in an ideal situation, most of these tips still apply.

Couples and Singles

You can keep better track of what you do with your time when you are alone than you would if you were living together. You can evaluate your current habits and create a plan for small changes that could be helpful. These habits can be made a habit by starting small.

Cold water is best for washing laundry.

By waiting for a full load of laundry to be loaded, you can decrease the washing cycle.

Choose LED bulbs for their longevity and energy efficiency.

For Large Families

Electricity consumption will be more frequent for large families. There is also more chance of fluctuation. Your family should work closely together to set goals for electricity consumption reduction and to share strategies on how they can achieve these goals.

Some changes may seem simple for couples or singles, but they may prove difficult for larger families. In the case of very dirty clothes, or diapers, you may have to wash them with hot or warm water.

Establish family goals to reduce usage, and then work together towards them

Children should be taught about the costs of using, as well as green choices.

Make smart decisions about how you use your appliances

The dishwasher should only be run when the load is full.

Do not wash multiple smaller loads. Wash your entire laundry load.

Keep water running

Residents of Apartments

The average apartment is smaller than a home, so you have fewer factors that can impact electricity usage. This can mean electricity-saving measures might have a higher impact than if the space is larger.

If you are leaving a space, make sure to turn the lights off

When you are at home, only turn on the heater or air conditioner.

Allow the air to circulate through your windows instead of heating or cooling you.

You can improve your HVAC's performance and the quality of your air.

Owners of Homes

If you are living in an apartment, you don't need to think about all the things that come with a house. Homes are typically larger, and can lead to more heating or cooling.

You can install a smart thermostat to automatically adjust when you're at home and away

Insulate all possible spaces

For shade, plant trees and shrubs all around your house.

Cover windows to prevent heat loss

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Use our Electricity Bill Calculator to get an estimation of your potential bill under specific circumstances.

Philadelphia Tips: How to Cut Your Electricity Monthly Bill