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HVAC and Plumbers Stay Busy This Fall As Weather Turns Cooler

Dec 28

One of the most common calls plumbing and heating technicians receive this time of year is for furnace inspections. The fall season has temperatures dropping below normal, which means homeowners are more likely to call their service providers in order to get ahead of any problems with their home heating systems before they happen. However, plumbing issues can also arise at this time because weather changes bring an increase in plumbing problems.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reports that plumbing work done over the summer months is often completed during the months of May through October. During this stretch, plumbers perform three times as many drain cleaning services as during other months. This data demonstrates how plumbing jobs typically peak with the warmest months of the year, rather than during periods when it is cold. This data also shows that plumbing providers can expect to see a spike of work during the fall and winter months as the weather turns colder.

HVAC technicians, too, are typically much busier in the fall and winter seasons than they are during other points throughout the year. However, there is typically much more demand for furnace inspections at this time because homeowners want to make sure their heating systems are working properly - especially before inclement weather hits.

According to Energy Information Administration (EIA) , homes generally use three times as much energy per month from October through January compared to what they do in May through September. Those who have experienced plumbing problems know how expensive it can be when water up or leaks due to plumbing issues. Plumbers also know plumbing problems can be even worse during the winter months because plumbing may freeze and break, which leads to bigger plumbing issues.