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Cold Weather Storms Create Large Devastation For Non Winterized Properties

Dec 14

We have been experiencing a large number of water damage calls in the past few months due to water leaking from roofs and water pipes, caused by cold weather winter storms. Many people do not expect water damage when it is snowing outside. However, there are many threats that can lead to water leaks which can cause major water damage to your property.

Leaks From Roofs - When you go outside during winter stormy weather, if you stand under shaded areas such as porch roof overhangs or trees you'll notice that the snow accumulates on the sunny side and melts quickly. This is because roofs often get extremely hot especially because we use our heating inside the house to keep us warm. We recommend getting an insulation barrier installed which will reduce the amount of heat from escaping your home which will keep the snow from melting and leaking water.

Leaks From Water Pipes - Coldwater is a lot more viscous than warm water, meaning that when pipes freeze water expands. When water freezes it expands by about 9%. Which can lead to water leaks in pipes and cause freezing water damage to your home. We recommend calling a professional plumber who can thaw the pipes safely before they burst, this way you won't have major winter stormwater damage.

Frozen Pipe Water Damage Costs Insurance Carriers Billions of Dollars in Claims Annually

Texas experienced a record wave of  property damage disasters in 2021 attributed to frozen and burst pipe water damage. The Insurance Journal reports that water damage from frozen and burst pipes cost U.S. insurance carriers more than $20 billion in claims during 2021. That number is only projected to increase as the weather becomes more severe.

The best way to protect your property from water damage is to winterize it before the cold weather hits. Make sure to close off any cracks or gaps where water can leak in, install insulation barriers, and wrap your water pipes in insulation. If you already have water damage, we recommend  calling a professional restoration company as soon as possible to mitigate the water damage before it gets worse.